First Trail Run of 2012!

Also- First Run At All of 2012. I haven’t been a total lazy ass, I’ve just haven’t been running. I was trying to put on some muscle, mostly in my upper body, and couldn’t manage a running routine combined with strength workouts.

The more time I spend running, the more time I need to spend EATING and SLEEPING as well. I freakin loooooooove both of these things, but between work and school, I just ain’t got all that time!

On Friday, a girl in my bio class mentioned a cool hike off of Clinton Rd. to a nice clear lake where people go cliff jumping in the summer. I’d never been, so when I was considering places to run on Sunday, I couldn’t think of any reason NOT to drive an hour away to a supposedly haunted road and run on completely unfamiliar trails. By myself.

I’m really glad I went. It was gorgeous day with temps in the high 30s and a killer blue sky. Furthermore, Clinton Rd. isn’t even a little bit spooky in the daylight. I was dressed perfectly for the weather: running skirt, short sleeved shirt, windbreaker jacket, compression socks, and a big headband. Didn’t feel hot OR cold- until I sunk about 6 inches into an icy mud puddle.

*shrug* It happens, but it made me decide to cut the “run” short by turning around after reaching the pond instead of taking the loop of trails I had planned.

I put “run” in quotes because I took my sweet time the whole way. The route was steep and rocky, just how I like it, with a few good hot & spicy points (spots marked on a trail map with stars to point out areas with great views) along the way.

I would have taken photos, but I did not have my phone on me. There’s no cell service in any of Jersey’s creepiest forests, anyway.

Since I wasn’t expecting to use my hands for locomotion, I had brought my hand-held water bottles. For those who aren’t major gear nerds, these are special, small water bottles that have a little strap to secure them to your hands so that you don’t waste energy clutching a bottle. Yeah, really! I love mine, but they made it pretty tricky to scramble up and down boulders. I kept shoving the mouthpieces into dirty rock cracks and then taking sips anyway. Honey badger don’t care.

Side note- I think I’m fighting off some kind of infection.

So there I was, silly white girl all decked out in bright green running gear, crawling up massive rocks in a plaid running skirt, slamming my faaaaancy water bottles into muddy moss, and launching myself into a small patch of very thorny bushes, when I stopped to ask myself, “why do I love doing this so much?”

I’m either very badass or very stupid.

Unrelated: Wanderlust was hilarious. Go see it!

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