Pizza without cheese OR flour!

I made this BEET pizza last night! And my own sauce, too! I make blenders and food processors cry.


I followed this recipe here. When I first decided to make it, I didn’t realize that the beets were actually in the CRUST of the pizza as opposed to on top!

I have so much fun with beets. There is no vegetable that makes a more beautiful mess of the kitchen, and they taste great, too!!

This recipe was pretty tasty, but it took a few bites to get used to. I think the fact that it was a “pizza” recipe really threw me off. This was not a pizza. A pizza has crust that you can hold and fold, gooey cheese, and all the saturated fat you can handle in a day. What this recipe made was a vegetable pile in a baking dish. If it had told me that right from the beginning, we could have been friends from the start. It’s cool, though.

I ate 1.5 pieces and felt really full. But not the kind of bloated, sluggish full you get from eating a real pizza. I felt GOOD.

The crust is full of sunflower seeds, which are an excellent source of vitamin E, and also omega-6 fatty acids. Nuts and seeds tend to trigger whatever satiety chemicals are responsible for convincing me to stop shoving food into my face, no matter how delicious it tastes. **This is one of the reasons that eating enough healthy fats help you manage your weight.** I couldn’t even finish the ice cream I bought at Cliff’s later..

I decided to go back to being a non-strict pescatarian (a sort-of vegetarian that eats fish). Non-strict meaning that I’ll eat meat if it means trying something I’ve never had before, making it easier when other people cook for me, and eating a freakin bison burger when I get the PMS.

Since I’ve been taking a nutrition class this semester, I’m doing a lot of research about vegetarian diets and feel like a sucker for thinking I needed so much protein in my diet. Eating lots of protein doesn’t build muscles, exercise does.

And white flour really is evil.

I also randomly remembered watching Food, Inc. and how disturbed I was by the poultry industry. That had something to do with my decision.

SURPRISE visitor on my yoga mat!

My power animal

I’m still running rrrrrrrrrrrreally slow and getting tired after 5 miles or so. If I challenged a penguin to a trail race, he’d not only win, but would likely have enough time to eat a peanut butter sandwich and then learn to fly before I finished. On the plus side…


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