car keys

Had to break into my car today

I went for a quick run on the section of Patriot’s Path by my house today.

– The run had to be kept short because about a mile and a half into it, I began to see in the distance a shirtless person who appeared to be running (or maybe dancing some sort of jig) in circles, repeatedly. He (or maybe she) wasn’t getting any closer to me, but was definitely moving and flailing it’s limbs. I had left my usual weapons at home, so as soon as I could make out whatever was going on up ahead, I turned and ran, very quickly, back to my car.

Sooooo, yeah… my car. As I walked up to it, I patted down the pockets of my running skirt to find which one had my key in it. All I felt were my buns of steel.

At first, I thought I might have dropped my key somewhere along the trail. It’s hilarious that I thought maybe it fell out of a pocket because I was RUNNING SOOOOO FAST, when I was probably only teetering around an 8 minute mile, give or take. That’s like warp speed for me, recently.

Then I looked through my car window to find my key sitting in the center console, where I had left it like the very responsible and attentive person I am. Since my phone was at home with the weapons, I was kinda screwed. I thought about walking home for my spare key (it’s maybe 3 miles away), buuuuut then I noticed the little open space at the top of my windows that I had left cracked! Long story short, I McGyvered my way into my car. Go me!

In 2011, I had to break into two houses, and there have been more in previous years. I’m slowly developing a very handy skill. Watch out for ninja Lauren!

I went for a bearfoot hike on Friday morning. Let me tell you, I HATE when people bring glass into parks. Don’t do it! I will punch you in the face. If you gotta get your drink on, use a freaking canteen or bring aluminum cans!!!! Glass breaks and then you’re an asshole. Animals can get really hurt, and HEY- some of us don’t like being oppressed by footwear, man.

On a more positive note, it was a beautiful day and I was able to see the city skyline perfectly from the top of Turkey Mountain :)

I might have some very exciting news to share in a day or two. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

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