This quote was in an email I found in my inbox this morning

“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived.”
––Gabriel Marcel

The one consistent exercise that each human being faces worldwide is change. We know all the ways we resist or attempt to control change, but how can we instead embrace change or partner with it? The Inuit people have a wonderful saying, “There are two plans to be honored every day: my plan and the Mystery’s plan.” How can we equally value, hold, and make space for both plans to co-exist everyday? How can we become change masters, a term originated by Rosabeth Moss Kanter? A change master approaches change as an adventurer, explorer, or discoverer. Research indicates that most of us will finally change under two exaggerated conditions: either we cannot stand or tolerate the situation, issue or circumstance any longer, so we will change; or we want to experience something that has such a passion for us that we will go for it, no matter what it takes. Both of these are extreme motivational processes. Change masters instead face and understand change as a natural daily process that creates constant openings for growth, learning, and psycho-spiritual development.

Adopted from Walking the Mystical Path With Practical Feet by Angeles Arrien

It’s really relevant to feelings and circumstances in my life right now and I thought it was worth sharing.


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