It’s all happening!

We break our lives up into various different epochs. I, myself, am moving through a lot of noteworthy changes.

Yesterday was my last day of the crappy part-time job at the outdoors store I had been working at. Love y’all, really ;) Tomorrow, I’m moving out of my parents’ house, again, and into a SAHWEEEEEEEET place in Brooklyn. We all knew it was gonna happen.

And today… I renewed my driver’s license!

I waited at the DMV forever, of course. Only the smartest cookies wait until the end of the month, right?

This event caused me to reflect on all that’s changed in my life since the last time I renewed my license, when I was 25, I think??

~Two boyfriends
~Four apartments, all with my parents’ house and various hostels as a stopover in between
~Disturbingly high friendship turnover I don’t care to count
~SEVEN jobs
~Classes at three different colleges
~Two cars, and a period of carelessness
~Four countries, three for periods of 10 weeks or more
~More miles traveled than I can count
~Thousands of miles ran, many barefoot
~ I don’t get carded anymore when buying cigarettes or alcohol.
~I’m evidently old enough now for guys in their early twenties to feel the need to lie to me about their ages…. I know I said i was going to be 27 before, but I feel very 24 right now.
~I stopped being afraid of ghosts, spiders, and love
~Saw mah first BEAR!
~ZERO publications, graduate degrees, husbands, Nobel Prizes, or children

Okay, I think that’s enough.

Friends, lovers, jobs, and homes all shape who we are at any given time. I feel like I’m always saying hello and goodbye to people, places and things, and the time in between is way too ephemeral. For some reason, that’s just how my life has always been. I’ve had so many last days at work and said goodbye to so many people I’ve loved intensely.

Fact is, I can’t sit still to save my life. I’m not the most nomadic person I know, but I’m definitely beyond restless. When my body and mind start to get bored, they wanna shag ass.

I freak out when I think about committing to anything.. EXCEPT FOR ONE THING… and now this is going to turn into a post about running.

Running is that one thing in my life that I will love forever and happily devote (at times the majority of) my time and energy to. I love it so much it makes me want to cry. It’s that one thing that I’m happy to start and finish, over and over, on my own free will, no matter how long or painful the experience in between is.

When I find a person or place that makes me feel the same way, I guess that’s when I’ll settle down.

Okay, I’ll leave you with another song:


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