Why am I the one always packing up my stuff?

I think I kinda like it, but I might have had too much.

Soooo I moved into a new place this past weekend! Technically, I’m only subletting for the month of August and if I find myself a job and continue to get along with my roommates, I might sign a lease.

A LEASE!!!!! omg

For the past couple of years, I’ve been in this free-floating, transitional phase. The mere thought of signing a contract, lease, or even registering for a race several months in advance riled me into a tizzy. As much as I love that lifestyle, I’m getting a bit tired of treading water. I feel ready to throw some roots down, and a year really isn’t too much time. Time. What is time? Okay, not right now.

So here are pictures of my new bedroom/yoga studio/dance floor/palace

My alien is hiding my french doors with clear glass windows.

I also use that hoop to open and close the vent!

My friend (the previous occupant) left those sweet JERSEY posters!

My original idea was to hang a hammock from the walls and sleep in that, but it turns out that this room isn’t structurally equipped to fulfill my romantic vagabond fantasies (sigh).
Plan B was to sleep in this blue foamy bean-baggish cushy thing here. I’ve slept on it plenty of times before, but felt way too much like a hot dog on my first night, so have been sleeping on the floor ever since. HAHA! I’m awesome.

If Fox Mulder doesn’t need a bed, I don’t need a bed.

Annnnnd that’s my office/greenhouse/movie theater/music box.

The high ceilings make the room feel so much bigger than the floor space. If I end up staying for a long time, I’ll probably figure out a more luxurious sleeping setup, but maintaining my precious floor space for dancing and yoga is absolutely crucial.

I love my room, but there are so many crazy, fun, and interesting things going on outside of it, too. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE exploring new places. Most of my time so far has been spent walking around North Brooklyn, talking to any and every friendly stranger (not the hipsters, obviously, they don’t want to talk to me), seeking out the best coffee within a one mile radius, and locating a few good running routes.

duuuuuuuh, I mean job-searching. I’ve been spending several hours per day applying to jobs..

This weekend, I’m going to see the Bouncing Souls without having to travel > an hour to get to the show for the first time ever. I feel just as excited about this as when I jogged to the start line of a half-marathon from my apartment in Morristown. My 10-month-long suburban breakdown has come to an end!!!!

Yeah, so, I really like my new pattern of signing off with a song..

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