Crappy Halloween!

I’m a little behind on my Halloween post because my family still has no power from the Frankenstorm that hit the beast coast last week. Was it last week? I can’t tell what day it is without my google calendar. The Mayans would be soooo disappointed..

Halloween was canceled in NJ for the second year in a row due to freaky weather! At least this year I got to dress up before all hell broke loose.

Check it out..

I was a sphenoid bone for Halloween!!! My favorite bone in the human body, the sphenoid is a bat-shaped bone that sits inside your skull.

How freaking cool is that? As you can see, the bone has greater and lesser wings. I found a sweet skull bodysuit at a naughty girls shop in Bushwick and decided to build a costume around it. For my greater wings, I ripped a cardboard bat off of my apartment door and tied elastic to it. My lesser wings were the cat ears donated by my roommate.

Lesser wings:

And the tutu… well, I’ve wanted a tutu for a long time. I made it myself, and I do believe that it’s the best tutu I’ve ever met.

If anyone wants a tutu… I need work.

So, yeah.. the two storms that have hit my state in the past two weeks have made it really difficult/impossible for me to get to work. I can’t be clever or witty about this whole situation. It’s just sad. A lot of trees have fallen. A lot of people in my area still have no power. I know that people on the shore have lost… everything.

Burners Without Borders a wonderful organization that I volunteered with in Pisco, Peru, is surveying the damage to potentially set up a volunteer crew here. A large part of me wants to get the hell out of here. Head west, my friend told me, like Galadriel <3 But then there’s the guilt of knowing that this organization I helped with in a completely different country might be right on my turf, with my own people, and I want to bail to save myself? Does that make me a horrible person?!

I don’t even know if I could help here because all of my tools fit in a small box, but please click the link to see if YOU can. And if you cannnnn… DO!


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