FACT: Doc Martens are the best shoes ever

And this is coming from a girl who hates, I mean absolutely detests, wearing shoes.

I hike and run barefoot, or in minimalist footwear that basically just protects my feet from broken glass. Since I started doing this, my feet and whole approach to bipedal locomotion have changed. And now I can’t freaking tolerate shoes.

But I have this one pair that I loooooooooooove!


About ten years ago, a friend gave me this wonderful pair of blue Doc Martens because they didn’t fit her anymore. TEN YEARS! They already had about the same amount of wear you see now.

Until recently, I didn’t wear them often because I worked for people who weren’t too fond of them. But I did wear them whenever I could, and always to punk shows. They protect my toesies from getting squished and the bouncing rubber soles keep me from slipping on spilt beer. And they’re just plain hot, duh.

Now that I can wear whatever the hell I want, I sport these babies every day. Let me tell you- I can’t think of any reason to wear anything else. They’re more comfortable than any other boots I have, and clearly indestructible!

When the weather got cold, I started tramping through the woods in waterproof hiking boots or shoes. Know what happened? I fell all over the place! Stupid cushioning and clunky soles messin with my balance! I need to feel the rocks under my feet! How else can I know how to move over them?!?!?!

A few weeks ago, I tried hiking in my docs for the first time and I was amazed at how easy it was to balance in them! The soles are so nice and flat, and much more flexible than hiking boots. The only downside is that they aren’t really waterproof at the seam, but I guess I could wear plastic bags on my feet?

I can also run in them pretty easily. Now, I’m not talking about *running* in my Dr. Martens. I think they’d heat up and give me a blister-fest, plus they’re way too heavy. But, I did race my friend’s little sister across a parking lot and was quite pleased with how well they handled. Basically, if I need to bolt from an attacker or catch a train.. I can :)

So I decided that my Docs are going to be my farming boots. Why not? They’re incredible. And if the farm ends up trashing them beyond socially-acceptable casual wear, maybe I’ll ask for a brand new pair for my 30th birthday. Aside from running shoes and flip flops, I don’t think I need anything else.


Slightly-related fashion update:

2013-01-29 19.46.09

I AM BRINGING BACK THE SIDE PONYTAIL! Unfortunately, I have no scrunchies :( Where mah 80s babiez at?!

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