Oh Hey! Let’s pick on the positive marathoner battling cancer! JERKS!

Normally I avoid popular media at all costs (because I prefer to think for myself and also because I’m sucked in to the Game of Thrones books), but this article was shared by a trail running group that I used to be a part of back in NJ: Magazine Makes Fun of Cancer Survivor’s Tutu | NBC Chicago.

I just have to comment on this because I’m so rarely pushed to this level of exasperation by the superficial, subjective advice of those “Do and Don’t” type features in popular magazines. Sometimes they’re called “Hot or Not,” or “BS-meter,” I guess. Normally, that kind of dribble doesn’t phase me, but this made me mad.

Maybe it’s because I’m also a runner. Maybe it’s because I also made my own tutu, which I enjoy wearing on occasions I deem appropriate. Either way, I have to express my utter revulsion for SELF magazine for letting this one slide.


It’s not cool to pick on people, ever- cancer or no cancer. I post a lot of my own opinion in this blog, but I still look it over carefully before publishing anything because I don’t want to inadvertently commit such a faux pas. The fact that this woman is a cancer warrior and makes the tutus for charity just adds to the heap of shame that every person involved in the creation and publication of this article should be hiding beneath.

One of the amazing things about running is how liberating it is. Especially when taking on something big, like a marathon, the amount of time and commitment that one must put in is enough to transform the body, mind and soul. Personally, I’ve heard many types of criticism for my decision to devote such a large part of my life to running. It seems like people will look for any reason to hate on people who are trying to do something positive for themselves.

On top of that, this mockery was published in SELF magazine. I don’t read SELF (and I don’t see why I should) but I assume that a publication entitled, “Self” might want to focus on content that helps individuals to empower themselves? I mean, that’s what I would do, but maybe that’s only because I’ve developed emotional intelligence beyond that of a middle schooler.

**I was also picked on a lot in middle school. This article is really getting to me.**

Furthermore, WTF is wrong with running in a tutu?!?!?! WTF is wrong with doing anything in a tutu? That’s a cute outfit! I’ve definitely run races in costume before, and it makes the whole experience so much more fun! Plus, you’re more likely to get your photo in the news!

Sometimes life is totally balls. We all struggle. Some of us try to look at the brighter side and keep laughing despite very serious challenges, and some of us sink into deep, dark tar pits of negativity. It’s the people stuck in the tar that try to cut people down by picking on them.

I understand that the magazine didn’t actually say anything that harsh, but they did ask this woman for permission to use her photo without revealing that it would be used to dis her. That is some straight-up mean girl shit right there. Go pick on Lindsay Lohan.

jk I love you Lindsay!

Cheers to Monika Allen for demonstrating how to rise above!


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