I’d Run for Food

First things first, I hope that everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!

Other things first: I ran my very first Thanksgiving day turkey trot this year, which was also my first race since busting my foot in the last race that I ran. Annnnnd I placed first in my age group!


So many firsts!

I have to say that I love the concept of the Turkey Trot. You get to run up a nice calorie deficit before plunging face first into mashed potatoes and skip out on the clean/prep/freakout aspect of holiday dinners. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to have fun with a group of not-so-competitive folks, and proceeds from the events are frequently used to help feed the hungry. I don’t know why I haven’t done this before. I just.don’t.know.

The Weed Run for Food was not called a “Turkey Trot,” even though that’s totally what it was. The city of Weed likes to take advantage of the fact that it’s name sounds like “we’d,” and there’s nothing wrong with that!

It was a great run on a beautiful day and I can’t thank the volunteers and race organizers enough. I LOVE race volunteers. I really wanted to help out at a nearby trail ultra while I was still recovering from my foot injury, but that didn’t work out.

The local newspaper that I started writing for part-time published my review of the Weed Run for Food. You can find that here.

I don’t know what my time was, unfortunately, because the 5K was timed by hand and not by computer chips. There’s always plenty of room for user error when people try to do computer jobs. I do, however, know that it wasn’t a very competitive race because the overall winner finished in 20 mins flat and because I placed first in my age group.

One of my favorite things about turning 30 was finally leaving those young whippersnappers in the twenties age bracket behind. I’m a spring chicken, now!

The best new of all is that my foot seems to be completely healed after hobbling across the finish line of my last race with a stress fracture.

I started running again about six weeks ago (my how time flies)! And am feeling good. I stick to 2-3 miles on a treadmill to keep from pushing it too hard. My fitness goal for the winter is to maintain good cardio health by keeping up these short runs while focusing more intensely on stretching and strengthening my body.

Let me tell you- using crutches and limping for several weeks really takes a toll on your body. Not to mention the trauma of plummeting from the lifestyle of an endurance athlete to a couch potato in a single day. Boy was that something I never want to do again…

But it’s all good, now. Another thing I might add- if you notice my feet in the photo above, it’s clear that I’m wearing shoes. Shoes! I run in shoes, now. They’re cushioned a little bit, but they still have the zero-drop and wide toebox that mimics barefoot running. I don’t mind it, but it feels kind of weird running with cushions under my feet. I haven’t really missed my five fingers too much until I ran this 5K. I think I’m going to try to stick with the shoes for another few weeks before I revert back to my super minimalist footwear, and my Altras will most definitely come in handy for runs over 20 miles. I’ve learned my lesson there, don’t you worry!

All in all, I had a remarkably wonderful Thanksgiving this year. Probably one of my best. And it finished with a monumental celebration at my house, where we had over 30 people join us at our dinner table(s).


And when I say “we,” I mostly mean my hostess with the mostess roommates who did almost everything because I was obviously too busy running to help. And I forgot to bring extra chairs.

There you go! A week late, but I am oh so very thankful for:

~ a healed foot

~ a beautiful Thanksgiving day that started with a fun run

~ awesome friends to celebrate with

~ the feeling of satisfaction that comes with helping a hungry person have his or her own Thanksgiving feast

I’m also incredibly grateful for the opportunity to write about running, and that people are willing to PAY ME to merge the two things that I love most in the world.

Hot damn, I’m a lucky one!

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