I Run Loving


I’m definitely not one for overpriced flowers and overpackaged chocolates, but I can get down with celebrating love. And the one thing that I love more than anything else is RUNNING!

While my buddies back on the east coast are getting buried in snow, winter is pretty much over in California. I heard that it was really cold for a couple weeks while I was visiting NJ for the holidays. I guess I missed winter.

But hey- I won’t complain about sunny skies, warm weather and running on trails again.

My foot is all healed. I’m sick of the dreadmill. I’m getting amped up for this year’s running season.

Today was my first 10 mile run this year, which feels like enough cause for celebration to me. It’s always good to get that first double digit distance run behind you just for the purposes of building confidence.

Today made me think back on past runs:

~The first time I ever ran 10 miles without stopping and thought I was the hottest shit ever. Now.. I understand that I know nothing.

~That difficult 16 mile trail run I did in 8 inches of snow while training for my first marathon back in 2010. That was a doozy, but I learned a valuable lesson that keeps me going even today. That was the first really awful run I ever did. I remember feeling miserable that I was trudging through deep snow and rolling my ankle on narrow tracks left by cross-country skis, when all I really wanted to do was eat chocolate and watch X-Files with my boyfriend. When I decided to finally turn around and cut my run short (16 miles instead of 20) due to the way the snow was slowing me down, I realized something: I could either trudge back to my car, cursing every step, or I could turn my frown upside down and make it easier on myself. Either way, I was 8 miles from my car on a snowy trail. This simple attitude adjustment has helped me in so many different scenarios.

~The first 10-miler I did last year. It was waaaaay later in the year. I feel like getting an early start this year is going to help me achieve my running goals.

I decided to set multiple goals for myself this year! One is not enough.

1. Run at least one race of at least 50M. I am also entertaining 100Ks. If I’m going to go 50 miles, what’s another 12? Nothing.

2. Compete in at least five races. I took a couple of years off from racing, and 2014 brought be back into it. I only ran three races, and only one was an ultra. This year, I want to run at least five races, hopefully more if I can afford it. I haven’t registered for anything, yet, but I’ve been doing LOTS of research. I’m lucky to live in a great area for trail running, and there are just so many races out there to tempt me!

3. Take 2 hours off my time at the Headwaters 50K. This sounds ambitious, I know. But, keep in mind that I finished the last 9-10 miles of 2014’s race on a busted footsie. When I look at the times of the people who caught up to and passed me after I started limping, that’s over 30 minutes of time right there. So, really, I only need to get about 90 mins faster, and this year I have a head start on training!


That’s it. I think that’s reasonable.

Obviously, I have an unspoken goal of not getting injured this year. I don’t know how realistic that one is, but I’m gonna try! I did buy a pair of trail shoes that have actual cushioning in them, so that’s a start!

I also wanted to mention that the review I wrote of the Headwaters Ultra was published on Ultrarunning Magazine‘s website. Exciting!

Well, now that I’ve gotten my run in and updated my blog, I’m going to have me some romantic Valentine’s dinner. 21 day sugar detox starts tomorrow!!

2 thoughts on “I Run Loving

  1. Would love to be running around in the mountains… but I’ll stick to swimming in the sea. Too old for that shit! One question – do you ever worry about becoming Cougar meat? I thought they like fast moving trail-runners for dinner!

    1. Haha! I haven’t encountered any feline predators yet, only bears! Sometimes I do worry about running around the woods with food on me when there are hungry, territorial beasts around, but I can think of worse places for my carcass to end up.

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