Day 17 of the Sugar Detox- It’s the FINAL COUNTDOWN

..and I feel great.

There’s more to it, and I’ll get into that. But first.. BIG news.

I’m excited to share this article that I wrote for one of my absolute favorite publications, Outside online. This is the first time I’ve contributed anything to a website that gets a lot of traffic, so it’s kiiiiiiind of a big deal.

*I was dancing around the house all day!*

I would love to celebrate with some champagne and chocolate, but, you know… sugar detox.

I told myself that if I slipped up, I would start the 21 days over again, and I really, really don’t want to do that.

So I’m hangin tough.

~ I feel much better than last week. My energy level has evened out. I feel really tired at night and getting out of bed in the morning is easier than ever.

~ Running feels good, not exhausting.

~ I don’t feel the weird tingly sugar withdrawals anymore. Headaches went away, too.

~ I find myself needing less coffee. Since I started writing and working from home, I was averaging at least two cups a day. Now, I’m way too busy chugging my detox elixir of apple cider vinegar, lemon and cinnamon to get a second cup of my favorite addictive substance.

~ I don’t wait until I’m hungry to eat because I don’t really have any grab-and-scarf snacks. It makes me happy to think about how many more veggies, protein and whole grains I’m eating as opposed to tortilla chips..

~ I made it through a party and a karaoke competition at a local bar without indulging in anything I wasn’t supposed to.
.. and it’s not like I wasn’t tempted. Extreeeeeemely tempted.
I am SO FUCKING PROUD of my self-discipline!!!

~ I kinda love being sober among drunkies. I don’t pass out early and can actually remember people’s names!

~ I definitely love saving money by avoiding alcohol and drinking pots full of dandelion tea instead of wine or a hot tottie at night.

~ My skin still hates me. I don’t know what’s up with it. Maybe my liver is still breaking down toxins and releasing them through my face?

~ The popping in my hip is back. Not sure what the story is there, but I’m hoping to see a chiropractor soon.

~ I’m pampering myself with saunas and massages, and that RULES!

~ I gave myself my very first enema yesterday. After 31 years, I figured that this was the perfect opportunity to clean out the poop chute. I was kind of disappointed with the results, but I suppose that’s a good thing! Mostly yeast came out. Probably candida that died because it had no sugar to eat.

~ Not really sure whether my body has changed or not. I meant to take before and after pics, but forgot. Oops!

~ It might just be me, but I think my eyes look brighter.

So, basically I feel awesome and very healthy. I’m not even fantasizing about sweets anymore. I mean.. not ALL THE TIME.

The only thing that’s really annoying me about the diet right now is how it’s interfering with social eating and drinking.

And that’s totally okay, because it’s only four more days. I can do that. Maybe after those four days, I’ll only eat no-no foods and drink sugary beverages in social situations and continue to cook sugar-free foods for myself?
Maybe I’ll eat something sugary and feel horrible and never want to go back again?
Or, maybe, I’ll just eventually find myself back to where I was before and do this all over again next winter!


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