Final thoughts on the sugar detox

Diet’s over! I’m free!
Sunday was the last day of my sugar detox. I stuck it out the whole 21 days without cheating and now I can eat whatever I want!!!
Except I’m finding that I want to eat pretty much the same as I have been for the past three weeks.
This is throwing me off a little bit. When I decided to try a sugar detox, I really wasn’t expecting to like it. I mean, it essentially cut out all of the foods I eat for pleasure…

.. but I don’t really need to eat for pleasure. I have hobbies for that.

Not too much has changed in my diet between Sunday and Monday.

Now I indulge in an apple AND a banana per day instead of choosing one or the other, and I’m back on chocolate again. That’s about it.

Giving up chocolate was one of the hardest things for me. I’m crazy about chocolate and am convinced it has magical, medicinal powers. I feel the same way about honey, but I still used honey as a beauty product while detoxing ;)

I even tried eating crappy unsweetened baker’s chocolate and mixing unsweetened cocoa powder into my greek yogurt. Not the same.

After starting off without a plan or a clue, I ended up following The 21-Day Sugar Detox (duuuuuh) by Diane Sanfilippo.

I usually do some kind of detox as winter transitions into spring. I feel like it helps to give my metabolism a kick start as I shake off the hibernation fuzz. But never before have I finished one feeling like I wanted to continue, or integrate that type of diet into my lifestyle.

I’ve done juice fasts and raw vegan diets before. I feel like I can only handle that kind of thing for maybe a week before I get really bored.

Last year I tried the paleo diet, and basically just starved. That diet is not a sustainable option for me for so many reasons.

I’ve been meaning to try incorporating more fat and less sugar into my diet for health and performance reasons, but it just wasn’t happening without a structured diet program.

This sugar detox with modifications is definitely one I’ll do again.

Even though I totally indulged in an ooey gooey, homemade cake still warm from the oven and a celebratory shot of hibiscus vodka this week, I’m still generally eating the same. And those things were different this week than they would have been before, because I treated them as treats.

That’s how I used to think of sweets, as a reward that I would indulge in on special occasions. Then, somehow, I started eating them more and more frequently until beer and ice cream suddenly became, “breakfast of champions!”

I suppose these things happen.

I’m really glad I did this.

My mental clarity improved almost immediately, but other benefits took almost the entire three weeks to appear.

In addition to just feeling great, I’m getting mega strong like Buffy the vampire slayer. Now I really wish I had taken before and after pictures. I knew I would… DANGIT!!

I think my skin looks clearer, too. Maybe because I’m eating more oil instead of just smearing it on my face?

I guess my addiction to sugar is as dead as this latte muerte I got in a cafe in Olympia, WA one time in 2013.
latte muerte

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