Farming is hard

:::update: I removed most of the photos from the Edible article to reduce the file size and make it easier to read:::

I’ve been hearing a lot of that recently. The war cry of the weary in late July. In fact, if I had a dollar for every conversation I hear about how hard farming is, I could quit my…

oh, wait.. never mind!!

But it is. I live with a farmer, some of my closest friends are farmers, and I occasionally volunteer on farms while managing my own budding homestead. It’s a lot of really, really hard work.

Yesterday, we celebrated the 30th birthday of one of my most favorite farmers, Kate O’Brien! Kate is one of the most badass, hard working chicks I’ve ever met. She runs her own little organic vegetable farm right down the street from where I live, and I’ve been lucky enough to work with her many times. I admire her determination, courage and positive attitude amidst the unpredictable obstacles of growing food.

I had the pleasure of writing an article about Kate’s farm, Homeward Bounty, for the Summer 2015 edition of Edible Shasta-Butte. It’s a Nor Cal regional publication, but don’t worry. If you live elsewhere, I got your back!

Too impatient to wait for the issue to be made available on, I went ahead and scanned/uploaded it for all to enjoy! It’s right here in my portfolio!

The thing is, I included the cover and some photos in the PDF, soooo it’s a really massive file. But, don’t you love practicing patience by waiting for slow downloads?!?!?!

Okay… I’m going to see what I can do to make this file more user-friendly ASAP. But for now, bear with me!

Also- check out Homeward Bounty‘s blog for wonderful insights about small scale organic farming!

Every time I catch myself whining about the flea beetles that are making my brassicas less beautiful, the ground squirrels burrowing an entire freaking subway system below my garden, or the mysterious critter (thinking maybe a jackrabbit) that harvested my biggest, most beautiful cabbage before I got to it, I think of Kate. How my little hobby garden is nothing compared to battling infinite foes to protect her entire livelihood.lazy squirrel

Hmm.. I wonder why the little turd is so lethargic?

damageFood coma, maybe?!

Yes, farming is hard. Next year I’m just going to buy a vending machine, instead.


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