How running fulfills my six basic needs according to Tony Robbins

As some may know, I’m a huge fan of coffee. I buy high-quality, locally roasted, organic beans from Northbound Coffee Roasters and grind them myself. Since I’m not bougie enough to splurge on an electrical conical burr grinder, I use a hands-on coffee mill.

Why am I telling you this? Because hand-grinding your coffee beans takes TIME. Since I value my time as much as anyone, I started making better use of my coffee-grinding time by simultaneously doing squats and playing self-help videos on YouTube.

Life changing.

Today, I was planning to write a completely different blog post. But that’ll have to wait because I was so inspired by this video:

In it, Gala Darling discusses the six basic human needs according to Tony Robbins. If you’re not familiar with Gala, I highly recommend checking out her Wonderland Sessions. I started following her about a year and a half ago, right as I succumbed to the sneaking pressures of what some may call a total fucking breakdown.


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Since Gala speaks to a specific audience (badass babes), I’ll also include this link to an article Tony wrote for Entrepreneur about the six human needs.

While listening to Gala speak, I kept thinking about how running fulfills pretty much every single one of these six needs:


Running is my primary source of physical activity, and getting regular exercise definitely provides some degree of control over your life. It keeps me in good cardiovascular condition and motivates me to eat and sleep well, all of which combine to create what my doctor calls, “the picture of perfect health.”

Knowing I’m healthy eliminates a ton of stress, but I can also exercise my need for certainty in some unhealthy ways, like starting fights, worrying, and getting depressed.


Odd as it may sound, uncertainty has always been more appealing to me than certainty. If I wasn’t excited by risks and constant change, I’d never make it as a freelance writer. I wouldn’t even be writing this last-minute post right now because I would’ve stuck to the plan.

Running ultramarathon races constantly forces you to push beyond your comfort zone and face all kinds of situations you’re totally unprepared for.  

My favorite part about uncertainty is coming through the other side of it, feeling unstoppable.  


This one’s easy. Although the sport is growing in popularity, still makes you weird enough to draw attention. People often introduce me like, “this is my friend Lauren, she runs really long distances.” I hear, “You’re crazy/amazing” ALL THE FREAKING TIME just because I have this odd passion.

Love & Connection

As solitary as the sport can be, I can truly say I’ve found my people in it. Connecting with other runners, either on the trail or through social media (and this blog) has helped me open up and form new, lasting friendships in my 30s.

I still spend a lot of time alone, but knowing I’m not the only weirdo out there is truly comforting. So, what I’m saying is, I love you. Thank you for being there.


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I just learned this morning that growth is my main motivating factor behind all the things. When I look at my life, my career, my relationship, and my hobbies, all I see is limitless potential. It’s exhilarating. It fills me with a sense of purpose that makes me excited to get up and get after it every damn day. More on this later.


While I think (I hope) I contribute to the greater good in larger ways than running allows, I always appreciate the opportunity to help. Volunteering at a race can be just as much fun as running it (or more-so if you’re injured), and I love sharing any knowledge, mistakes, or funny stories in this blog.

This morning, as soon as I had my coffee in hand, I rushed to my laptop to read more on Tony Robbins and the six basic needs.

Taking this quiz I learned that growth is my driving force. Hell yeah!

I really hope you explore these videos and links yourself and feel inspired to examine your own motives in life. If you end up taking the quiz, feel free to share your own results and thoughts.



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