me running through finish line

First-ever Twin Peaks Trail Runs race rapport

Honored. Inspired. Grateful. Proud. That’s how I feel to have participated in the inaugural Twin Peaks Trail Runs put on by Woodlands Running Co. last week.

I ran the 10k distance after dropping down from the 25k, a decision I made due to some nagging calf pain that came up this week. (I’m fine! Running made it feel better, actually.)

The race was at Forest Park in the adorable town of Jacksonville, Oregon, which, by the way, is in full-on fall foliage glory mid-October.

I was really impressed with how well-organized and professional everything was, especially considering this was Woodlands Running Co.’s first race. I can’t wait to see where they go from here! 

The first time I heard about this race was during a group run. About six months ago, I started running with a rad group of ladies in Ashland called Women of Woodlands, formerly known as Ashland Trail Sisters.

Once a month, I drive up there for a WoW long run. We hit the trails for about three hours and then run down the street to Ruby’s/Gil’s for burritos and beer. Not only is it a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning, but it’s also introduced me to some of the most badass women I know.

The whole Woodlands running tribe is warm, welcoming, inclusive, and enthusiastic AF about running. I was delighted and not-at-all surprised to see that Twin Peaks Trail Runs reflected all these qualities.

A few reasons I thought this race was superb

  • There were dairy and non-dairy milk options at the coffee table (I was stoked they even had coffee)
  • Women’s-specific merch was available
  • Registration prices were kept low with the option to purchase a race shirt separately (I did- because they were freakin cool)
  • There were vegan and meat-filled tacos at the finish 🌮
  • The race was open to runners of all experience levels — quite a few people finished their first official trail race that day. On the other end of the spectrum, seasoned ultrarunners claimed that the 25k kicked their butts!
  • OODLES of volunteers were around very corner making sure all needs were met
Twin Peaks Trail Runs had damn good coffee (obvi)

It was also very professionally executed.  The trail was well-marked with signs that displayed the WRC logo so you could be 100% sure you were on the right path. The start/finish had a sweet handmade wood arch that looked waaaaay cooler than those giant inflatable things. There was live music, tasty tacos, and finish line photos by the multitalented Jamie Wilson.

A running photo where I actually look graceful and happy!

It was just fucking classy. 

And so full of friends!

I felt completely supported, encouraged, and motivated by the Woodlands community the entire time.

A group of Women of Woodlands friends volunteered at an aid station and one of them dressed as Log Lady!!

Thank, Peg, for letting me share your Insta photos!

The majority of the race was on smooth, buttery single track that’s easy on the feet. But my favorite aspect of TPTR was being surrounded by creative, enthusiastic people living their best lives and having so much fun in the process. Thank you for making this happen!

I look forward to running TPTR again at some point in the future. For now, I’m getting ready to move back to the east coast with my husband and four dogs. And that’s it’s own special kind of adventure.

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