There is no loss, only learning

That’s the mantra I’ve been repeating — silently in my head, out loud to others, to my own reflection in the mirror, and, now, to you. Feel free to quote me in your Insta stories.

But before I go ahead and tell you why, let me wish you a Happy Belated Valentine’s Day! Belalentine’s Day? Why not?

I’m not a big Valentine’s Day person, myself. My sweetie is pretty good at surprising me with flowers and delicious treats on a regular basis, which he did when I saw him last week. 

Lauren holding a dozen red roses and box of chocolates
The roses are still going strong but the truffles didn’t last very long :P

This was our first Valentine’s Day apart.

But it wasn’t supposed to be. 

We were supposed to close on our first house on February 13 and spend Valentine’s Day sleeping on an air mattress and freaking out over all the work we needed to do before the house would feel like home.

But then, shit hit the fan. After several weeks of stressing out over a house that never felt quite right and a realtor who couldn’t tell the difference between a septic inspector and cupid’s ass, I finally listened to my intuition. 

I walked away.

And that, my friends, is where the mantra comes in. 

I’m proud of myself for not using the time and money I had already spent as a justification for settling. Sometimes, it’s hard not to resist settling for what’s in front of you when you don’t see a better option YET.

But that’s what faith is, isn’t it?

And it’s always worth it.

In fact… we found a house I absolutely LOVE only hours after terminating the other contract. Hours!

The horrid experience gave me so many valuable lessons so I can do a better job this time around.

But the true golden egg born of this whole fiasco is… I finally registered for a race!

That’s right. If you read my last post, you may recall that I’ve been so focused on moving I haven’t even planned out my 2020 races, yet. 

Well, the stress of dealing with the problem house pushed me over the edge. One night, I found myself pacing back and forth in the Airbnb, fists clenched, when I stopped suddenly and turned to Jason.

“You know what I need to do? I need to train for a race. I need one thing in my world that makes sense.”

Who can relate?

T is why they call it trail therapy.

So, I opened up and registered for a race that really spoke to me, Run Ragged – Last Person Standing

I’ve always wanted to do a race like this, where you see how many loops/miles you can finish in a time period.

I signed up for the 12-hour race, which means I have to complete at least one 3.11ish mile trail loop every hour for 12 hours. That’s at least 37 miles. I think that’s a totally attainable goal even though I haven’t run a 50k since Paiute Meadows last year.

I decided to go with this rather than a 50-mile race because I thought it’d be less pressure. That’s one thing I have enough of right now ;)

The race is May 30, so I’m still figuring out my training plan.

Today, I celebrated. The weather was clear, albeit frigid, so I enjoyed a nice, 8-mile run.

Lauren running on a bridge
I haven’t run longer than 5 miles since before Thanksgiving, so 8 was kind of a big deal!!!

It felt like the first step in a long, exciting journey, and I feel really, really good about it. 

I hope you all did something to celebrate love this weekend. Even better if it was something to treat yourself. 

And if you didn’t, it’s not too late!

Til next time, Love Bunnies


*cover photo by Julie Jablonski courtesy of flickr

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