Text that reads, the following may result in LOVE and warm fuzzy feelings. Tap at your own risk.

EFT tapping: a free and easy way you can relieve stress and anxiety without therapy (or breaking anything)

How are you doing? I know I’m not the only one who’s had an extra-tough time staying positive this past week. That’s why I wanted to share this quick blog post about EFT tapping, a free and easy technique I use to combat anxiety, stress, and depression. (I talked about this a bit in my post about staying physically and mentally healthy during quarantine.)

I highly recommend EFT tapping for the following reasons:

  • Instantly reduce stress and feel happier
  • Dissolve anxiety, even in the middle of a panic attack
  • Increase confidence before a race
  • Stop spiraling into depression
  • Improve my focus and clarity

At the risk of sounding kinda woo, I’ve also used tapping to manifest things I want. I could argue that I used tapping to manifest the house I’m sitting in right now, but that story is for another post. Maybe even a book!

Tapping is easy to personalize for your own needs. I learned how to do it from Gala Darling:

Gala takes a twist on the technique. Instead of starting at the inner eyebrow point, Gala begins the tapping sequence on the top of the head. She also uses two hands, in a method she calls “power tapping.”

I just love the sound of power tapping!

With so many of us quarantined due to COVID-19, feelings of uncertainty and isolation can really take a toll on your physical and mental well-being.

This past week has been really tough for me. I’ve been feeling extra lonely since moving to a new place and haven’t yet found any trails I truly love.

While I’m sure my girl gang and my ideal patch of dirt are out there somewhere, my heart really felt their absence.

I started feeling a deep sadness and level of exhaustion that felt all too familiar.

Symptoms of depression. As many of you know, I’ve dealt with anxiety and depression for most of my life.

Because I choose not to take medication for them anymore, I’m always on high alert for warning signs.

As soon as I recognized these signs, I stopped and immediately busted out my mental health toolkit. (This is not a literal kit, but a mental collection of resources.)

And what did I do?

  1. Told my husband I was having a rough day and I needed extra care
  2. Texted my best friend to set up a video chat date
  3. Ate some cannabis chocolate
  4. Took a hot shower and tapped on how I felt

Then, I dressed in my cozy robe, curled up in my favorite comfy chair, and watched the season finale of Outlander.

So good!

That was yesterday. Today, I feel 1000% better.

Even if you’ve never experienced clinical depression or any type of mental health condition, you may feel overwhelmed by the crazy environment we’re living in.

Maybe you’re one of the 20 million Americans who lost their job. Maybe you’re working from home and teaching your kids, wondering if you’ll ever have a moment of peace to yourself again?

Maybe you’re like me, and you just made a big move or another life change you’re already adjusting to and the added stress of a global pandemic just feels like too much sometimes.

This is all totally okay and it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you.

But if you ever wish you could feel better quickly and safely, why not try EFT tapping?

You can start with one of the links I included above, or with this article in healthline.

And if tapping sounds too woo woo for you, or if you’re worried about touching your face, no worries.

I’ve got another trick for you.

This one works best on anxiety.

When I’m feeling anxious or out of control, I ask myself, “Am I safe?”

And then, I look around the room, or wherever I am, and scan for dangers. So far, I haven’t found any.

And then I say, “YES” out loud to affirm that I’m safe.

Sometimes, I tap in the fact that I’m safe, but I usually don’t need to.

I also highly recommend tapping with Brad Yates! His YouTube channel has years of excellent tapping videos and guided visualizations!

I hope these resources help you cope with stress, during the coronavirus pandemic… and beyond!

Let me know if you end up trying it!

Be Well,


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