Lauren Steinheimer

healthcare writer. tarot reader. dog mom.

Hi, I’m Lauren and I’m here to share the lessons I’ve learned through the ongoing process of radically transforming my life, overcoming obesity, and improving my mental health.

Though trail running plays a central role in all of that, this blog isn’t only about running or for runners. I hope my stories resonate with anyone seeking inspiration on how to tackle major goals one step at a time.

I’m a full-time freelance writer and mediocre ultramarathon runner currently living in the Northeast United States with my husband and four big dogs. My passions include de-stigmatizing mental illness, advocating for psychedelic medicine, traveling to far-off places, and drinking too much espresso.

Me, Jason, and 3/4 of our fur family

One of the things I love most about the trail and ultrarunning community is how easy it is to talk about life’s challenges when you’re out running through the trees together. I hope this blog gives you a little slice of that goodness.


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