Happy man running on a mountain trail

Five years after How to Run Stoned- cannabis and ultrarunning are things people talk about, now

Before March 2015, I had been pretty secretive about my cannabis use. Even after moving to California, where it was legal for medical use at the time, I didn't want my family or employers to know. But that all changed the day Outside Magazine published my first online article, How to Run Stoned. The whole…

He calls me “Miss Spiritual Tramp of 1948”

Over the past several months, I've re-read a few different pieces of literature originally introduced in my hazy high school years. I'm at a point where books and movies I first experienced over 10 years ago have exciting new meanings. Re-reading "Brave New World" helped inspire my move to Brooklyn (I can explain). Quotes from…

"Did the tigers run all around that tree?"
"I thought they'd never stop. I never saw so many tigers." "There were only six," Sybil said.
"Only six!" said the young man. "Do you call that only?"
"Do you like wax?" Sybil asked.
"Do I like what?" asked the young man. "Wax."
"Very much. Don't you?"
Sybil nodded. "Do you like olives?" she asked.
"Olives--yes. Olives and wax. I never go anyplace without 'em." "Do you like Sharon Lipschutz?" Sybil asked.
"Yes. Yes, I do," said the young man. "What I like particularly about her is that she never does anything mean to little dogs in the lobby of the hotel. That little toy bull that belongs to that lady from Canada, for instance. You probably won't believe this, but some little girls like to poke that little dog with balloon sticks. Sharon doesn't. She's never mean or unkind. That's why I like her so much."
Sybil was silent.
"I like to chew candles," she said finally.