There is no loss, only learning

That’s the mantra I’ve been repeating — silently in my head, out loud to others, to my own reflection in the mirror, and, now, to you. Feel free to quote me in your Insta stories. But before I… Read More

How to sprint through the airport like a boss and swagger on home

I almost missed my flight home last week, and I totally feel like a celebrity superhero mega-champ about it. The real kicker is, this genius was waiting in the airport for an hour before boarding time… at the wrong gate…. Read More

It’s not just about charging ahead, but seeing where you want to go..

Sometimes people say things that resonate in our hearts forever. I’ll never forget one particular night in a tiny apartment in Cuzco five years ago. A small group of yoga students were lounging on the living room floor,… Read More

I Run Loving

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! I’m definitely not one for overpriced flowers and overpackaged chocolates, but I can get down with celebrating love. And the one thing that I love more than anything else is RUNNING! While my buddies back on… Read More

Learned to let go of the things we can’t control…

Left em behind, and followed rock & roll. This morning I saw a man dressed in a button down & tie for the first time since moving to Northern California. I think I love it here. After that… Read More

I’m a loner, Dottie, a rebel.

Real free range chickens. You never know where one is going to pop up. I have some terrible news. Four of the baby goats that I wrote about last week died. They all belonged to the same mother,… Read More

I think we’re alone now

Children behaaaave- that s what they say when we’re together I’ve been meaning to post an update for a good long while. At first, I as too busy traveling, but recently it’s been more an issue of general… Read More

He calls me “Miss Spiritual Tramp of 1948”

Over the past several months, I’ve re-read a few different pieces of literature originally introduced in my hazy high school years. I’m at a point where books and movies I first experienced over 10 years ago have exciting… Read More

There she goes again

This is not an end of the year review. In fact, I wouldn’t have remembered that today is New Years Eve without all the whining that appeared on my facebook news feed recently <3 This is NEWS! I’ve… Read More

“How come every blonde girl runs?”

– some non-blondes talking shit about the new little white girl running through their neighborhood.. for no reason. So the Leadville Trail 100 race happened this weekend. I also ran my first legit “long run” of 2012. 11… Read More