Baby, be good, do what you should

I’m experiencing mixed emotions right now. This header image was taken from the top of Mt. Eddy, where I was happy to run/hike today, bagging my first Eddy summit of 2018. I’m bummed because of all the smoke… Read More

Cheers to crazy friends, crushing PRs, and living to see another year

Mt. Shasta trail running

It’s the day before the winter solstice. My garlic is planted and I got my first snowy run this morning. There’s something totally magical about frolicking (because that’s how I run) among fatty flakes floating gently toward the… Read More

7 tips for climbing 3 peaks in 1 day without dying

It’s been one month since 3 Peaks. One month since I tagged along with a group of ultra-tough trail beasts in the annual quest to summit Mount Shasta’s three most prominent peaks in a single day. One month,… Read More

Birthday trail running road trip adventure part tres: The Jersey Devil

Because they can issue citations. Don’t worry! I worked my way out of this pickle with nothing more than a firm talking-to and a ripped dress.

Love Hurts: Headwaters Ultra 50K Race Review

My day started out as usual. Woke up at 6, ate my typical pre-long run breakfast of toast, almond butter, honey and banana and washed it down with some strong espresso. I was really pleased to look out… Read More

I don’t know much, but I do know this: with a golden heart comes a rebel fist

… I can’t help agreeing with those that would not quit. In less than two days, I will run my first ultramarathon. The past several weeks have been intense, fun, hellish, painful, liberating, terrifying and astoundingly transformative. I’ve observed my body… Read More

To see farther, climb higher

  It’s been quite a while since I last updated this blog. That’s only because I’ve been directing all of my energy toward a major transition (yes, another one). Shasta is just so utterly, undeniably wonderful- I decided that… Read More