New year intentions and a stone-cold sober January

runner girl with snowflakes in eyebrows

My first post of 2020 may be coming in a bit late, but honestly, I felt so exhausted by the holiday season that planning the year ahead seemed overwhelming at first. But the past few days marked a… Read More

Clikapudi Trail Runs race report: great start to the new year

clikapudi trail race finish

I may have waited a while to write my first race report of 2019, but I certainly started the new year the best way I could think of — a trail race! I registered for Clikapudi Trail Runs… Read More

2018 review v2- now even closer to the end of the year!

I know. I KNOW! I just wrote a year-end review last week. It may seem odd that I’m posting another review, but let me explain… Initially, I meant to write about how great I feel after not drinking… Read More

My 2018 year-end review

Today’s the day after Christmas. I’m supposed to be at the ski park with my husband (big news!) but instead, I’m home with a sore back. So, I decided to make the most of my sidelined state and… Read More