NorCal to Baja honeymoon road trip part 1

Baja sunset

My husband and I both love gritty travel. In fact, our “third date” was a long-weekend road trip in his van. So, when we started thinking about what to do for our honeymoon, driving all the way down… Read More

My 2018 year-end review

Today’s the day after Christmas. I’m supposed to be at the ski park with my husband (big news!) but instead, I’m home with a sore back. So, I decided to make the most of my sidelined state and… Read More

On hot days, howling wind, and coyotes

Last year, I celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a $3 bean burrito and Modelo Chelada (my drink of summer), relaxing in my Crazy Creek as I watched the desert sky melt into a tranquilizing melange of pinks and… Read More

Grand Circle Trails Grand Canyon 50k Race Report

Before I get into a review of the event itself, I just want to mention that this was the first time I’ve ever received a pre-race info email that included a 16-page PDF attachment complete with runner demographic… Read More

Sayonara, 2016

And thank you! Thank YOU! The person reading this right now. I just want to let you know I really appreciate you stopping by to check out my blog. I’m celebrating a tiny victory at the end of… Read More

Madonna on Soul Mates

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m on the road back to New Jersey with my dog and material posessions all packed up in this sweet minivan. I’m trying to move as quickly as possible, so it’s not going to be a… Read More

Roam if you want to

Woooo I’ve been a busy little jumping bean! In the past month, I moved out of the room I was renting and into a cab over camper. Naturally, this process hasn’t gone smoothly at all, and I’m writing… Read More

Birthday trail running road trip adventure part tres: The Jersey Devil

Because they can issue citations. Don’t worry! I worked my way out of this pickle with nothing more than a firm talking-to and a ripped dress.

too much horror business

This past weekend, I made my first trip back to Seattle since coming out to the farm. In addition to visiting a very good friend from Jerz, I was delighted to encounter some pretty horrid anxiety attacks there…. Read More

I’m a loner, Dottie, a rebel.

Real free range chickens. You never know where one is going to pop up. I have some terrible news. Four of the baby goats that I wrote about last week died. They all belonged to the same mother,… Read More