Dear Lauren:

I was out of town when the paper came out and skimmed your article quickly when I returned.  This evening, I got to sit down and read it carefully.  I love the way you pulled everything together so nicely.  My other board members have commented on how much they liked it as well.  Thank you so much for getting the story in the paper.

~ John M. Harch, MD

“Have been meaning to tell you that I think Lauren is a pretty sharp reporter, perhaps the best since Tony D’Souza. She ran a lot of quotes from me on the Citizen Of The Year awards dinner, and I can vouch for the fact that she got them all exactly right.”

~ A message sent to my editor from Tim Holt

Nice job, Lauren! you know with some reporters, I cringe wondering if they are going to mess up the story but you always seem to nail it!

~ Bruce Shoemaker, Black Butte Center for Railroad Culture